FrisøR Kosmetolog SkøNhedsklinik NæStved

30. December 2015

Cosmetology In training you learn to deal with skin problems and advise customers on skin care and makeup. You are taught a number of theoretical subjects such as anatomy, microbiology, dermatology, chemistry and product doctrine. The practical course consists of skin care, client counseling and cosmetic treatment. At the same time you will learn how to create a clinic and you will be trained in marketing and accounting. A beautician is a private education offered by independent schools around the country. Fold all topics on the side About the program There are cosmetology schools in different parts of the country, but here only describes the school, giving access to SU during training. Other schools may have different prices and other teaching times, such as part-time teaching. In general, it is a good idea to consult with someone who has knowledge of the profession, before choosing a school. You may also visit one or more schools before you decide. Training at Cidesco Cosmetology School is a full-time course that lasts 1 ? years with 12 months of school and 6 months of internship. The host can be a clinic, a perfumery, a beauty shop, cosmetics department in a department store or an importer in the cosmetics industry. Instruction is both theoretical and practical. You are taught theoretical subjects such as: • Anatomy • Physics • Chemistry and product learning • Dermatology (general skin diseases and allergies) • Nutrition • Motion Doctrine • Microbiology • Plastic You will also receive instruction in how to create a clinic, and you learn about marketing and accounting. The practical subjects include skin and face care, skin analysis, facials, makeup, body treatments and cosmetic treatment of hands and feet. The subjects shown in school curricula. Cidesco program takes place in Copenhagen. Examination Some subjects exit with both written and oral examination. After the 6-month internship exit the program with a certification exam is based clinic operation. If you pass, you will receive the so-called Cidesco diploma. Number of graduates In 2009, completed 13 training. 68 percent of those who started the program’s main course in 2009, is expected to complete. Look at the numbers. Admission and access You must have taken primary school and be 18 years old to begin the training. You will be admitted on the basis of a written registration and possibly a personal interview with the school principal. Registration form you get from the school. Economy Training on Cidesco Cosmetology School costs ? 97,500 and is SU-approved. This means that you can search SU during school stay, including help cover tuition fees. You pay a deposit before starting. In other cosmetology schools can not get SU. During the internship time you get apprentice wages. Future Opportunities Cosmetologists work in beauty salons, perfumeries and cosmetics companies. It is possible to create own clinic. You can read more about the job by clicking the link on the right menu. The programs do not provide immediate access to further education within the regular education system. Here you can instead take cosmetician training. About the Author frisør næstved The programs do not provide immediate access to further education within the regular education system. Here you can instead take cosmetician training. skønhedsklinik kosmetolog næstved
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