use your head by tony buzan

30. December 2015

In this book “use your head” the author has discussed various topics relating to the mind.  He starts off with the history in the research about mind and further talks about speed reading, memory techniques, note taking techniques and also shows the benefits of using mind maps. One thing that was quite surprising for me was that he mentions that the location of the brain was discovered by mankind only 500 years ago although   homosapiens appeared on earth more than 3.5 billion years ago. He also points out that only in the last 10 years (this number is based at the time of publication, in present terms it would be 28 years) has the bulk of knowledge about mind been accumulated.

One thing that made me wonder was that, the tiniest entities known in the universe is atom. The total number of atoms present in the universe is around 10 followed by 100 zeros. The number of inter connections a human brain can make according to the calculation made in late 1960s was estimated at 10 followed by 800 zeros. DR Pyotra Anokin of Moscow University who spent last few years of his life studying about the information processing capability of the brain stated that the number 10 followed by 800 zeros was gross estimation. The new number he calculated was conservative due to the relative clumsiness of the measuring instruments he had at that time. He stated that the new number was not 10 followed by 800 zeros but, the pattern making capability of the brain or the ` degree of freedom ´throughout the brain is so great that writing it down would take a long line of figures, in normal manuscript characters, 10.5 MILLION kilometers. This shows the magnitude of the capacity of human brain and how each one of us has that potential to uncover and create something extra ordinary in our life and also exert positive influence in the world.

The whole idea of the book is as the title suggests “use your head” and there are lots of exercises in the book which the reader can practice such as memory techniques, speed reading, note taking, making mind maps and many more. So, if you feel that you have too much to read and too little time to study then having an understanding about faster reading might benefit you and make you an efficient reader or if you are not so good at note taking then the techniques Tony Buzan has provided might help you or if you are not good at remembering things then this book also has ideas to increase your memory.

At the end of the book, there is a chapter called `The Buzan organic study method´. Here, he explains different problems that arise when you are planning to study and also different ways to approach when you are planning to study a book on certain subject. I found this chapter very interesting and informative and there are also many ideas presented that can help anyone that want to maximize their effort while studying. Personally, I found it easy to read and all the exercises was quite fun to work with. This book will be very helpful for students as most of the topics dealt in this book such as speed reading, memorizing techniques, study techniques, techniques for reading a book, note taking techniques are very valuable in students’ life besides parties!!!!!!

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